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Rouse Hill’s Best Dance Academy

Indulge in the poetry of the feet. Set the stage on fire when you enroll in the best dance classes in Rouse Hill

Dream with your feet. As you step into The Stage Door Performing Arts School, your search for the Best Dance Classes in Rouse Hill or Dance Lessons in Rouse Hill, Sydney ends with us.

Become a part of our Acrobatics Dance Classes, Jazz Dance Classes, Adult Ballet Dance Class, Aerobics, Contemporary Dance Classes, Hip Hop dance classes, Cheerleading classes, Modern Dance Classes, Lyrical Dance Classes, Tumbling, Musical Theatre or Tap Dance Classes.

While we offer a wide range of basic and advanced dance styles for adults with birthday party venues, we have made sure that your kids are not left behind. So, even if you aren’t up for putting your best foot forward, you can always cheer for your kids and see them growing into experienced passionate dancers.

We are offering Pre school Dance class, Toddler dance class and Beginners Dance course which will keep the fun and frolic alive for your children. We also provide Holiday workshops and Birthday Party packages for children. In addition, you can find engaging dance studio for your toddler at our dancing venues.

Dance Schools Rouse Hill

We offer casual and formal Dancing Lessons with bithday party venuesin Rouse Hill, Sydney to discover the dancer in you, as you let your hair down with other dance enthusiasts like you. Discover the spring in your step in TSD Performing Arts venues or walk in with your toddlers for our summer vacation workshops. So, that they would not waste the time they get during summer or winter vacation using it effectively to unleash the creativity in you.

Embrace your talent in the best dance studio Rouse Hill

Be the next dancing star by discovering the tap in your feet. Learn the right dance moves from the finest dance professionals in our performing arts centre at Sydney, NSW. Register for the topmost dancing packages in various styles or consider joining our summer holiday program. We guarantee that you won’t regret later. We welcome everyone to bring out the dancer in you irrespective of your age, culture, disabilities, ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, marital status, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. We offer a wide range of programs for beginners and experienced dancers. We have a diverse group of students, parents, teachers and staff and embrace the value and diversity of our community. As you forget your worries and put on your dancing shoes, we make sure that we always strive to create an environment of mutual respect for the free expression of all individuals.

Find your creative calling at the best dance classes in Rouse Hill

We are committed to providing you top most performing arts education. We instill our students with confidence, technical lessons and an undying love for dance and performance so that they become famous dancers tomorrow or simply indulge in activities that nurture their love for this performance art. We are an all-inclusive Dance School in Rouse Hill that has complete performance training facility centre. Our students excel not only in traditional ballet but also in modern dance styles like musical theatre, brithday parties, hip hop dance classes and acrobatics dance classes.

Learn musical theatre in the best dancing studio in Rouse Hill that combines songs, dialogues, music and acting to discover your freedom and find a new dimension in your personality.

Types of dances

Toddler Dance Classes Rouse Hill

Let your child dwell in the magic of music, mime, fantasy and freedom that will be a boost for their motor skills and creativity. Enroll them in the best dance classes in Rouse Hill to improve on their social and emotional growth.

Toddler/Preschool Dance Classes

Acrobatics Dance Classes

Learn acrobatic dance which combines the classical techniques with the acrobatic elements. Acrobatic dance reduces stress while giving a creative outlet for self-expression as you enroll in in the best dance lessons in Rouse Hill.

Acrobatic Dance Classes

Jazz Dance Classes

We specialise in jazz dance classes which encourages a dancer’s originality and combines fancy footwork, big leaps and swift turns. It promotes grace and balance.

Jazz Dance classes

Ballet Dance Class

Adult ballet classes allow you to stretch no matter what your age. Enroll in best dance classes in Rouse Hill, will enhance your grace and confidence while improving on the flexibility and coordination.

Ballet Dance Classes

Contemporary Dance Classes

Contemporary Dance classes combines the strong legwork of ballet with a number of modern free falling moves like contract release, fall and recovery, floor work and the spontaneity of modern dance.

Contemporary/Modern Dance Classes

Lyrical Dance Classes

Learn lyrical dance in the best dance lessons in Rouse Hill which merges elements of ballet and jazz. It is more free flowing and elegant than ballet. The lyrics of a song serve as an inspiration for the dancer’s movements and expressions.

Lyrical Dance Classes

Tap Dance Classes

Learn tap dance in the TSD performing arts school which is characterized by the tapping of shoes on the floor as a form of percussion. It focuses on full body expression and a distinctive tapping sound generated by the tapping and sliding of feet.

Tap Dance Classes

Cheerleading Classes

Enroll in the best dance lessons in Rouse Hill to learn cheer leading where participants cheer for their team by chanting slogans and indulging in intense physical dance moves using props. It is performed to encourage sports teams, to entertain the audience or in a cheerleading competition.

Cheerleading Dance Classes

Let you children discover their talent at the best dance classes in Rouse Hill

Bring your kids to the best dance classes in Rouse Hill after school and motivate them to dance. We’ll influence them to discover their passion as they move their feet to the tunes of music. We have a wide variety of activity lessons designed for them from basic to advanced courses in our centres in Rouse Hill, NSW like

  • Toddler Dance classes
  • Holiday workshops
  • Beginner dance course
  • Cheerleading classes
  • Pre school dance classes.
  • We have special birthday party packages for your children if you decide to throw a surprise for them on their big day.
Uncover the hidden dancer in you by walking into TSD Performing Arts studio. We’ll help you become the star dancers of tomorrow.

Discover your passion at the best dancing lessons in Rouse Hill

  • The world is your stage
  • Put your best foot forward
  • Dance is cheaper than therapy
  • Dance to express
  • Dance to impress
  • Don’t stand, just dance
  • Discover the short cut to happiness
  • Dance till you drop

Dance has the power to transform your personality whether it is the smooth jazz or the trendy hip hop. It can let your spirit free allowing you to communicate and express about the human nature. Dance allows a person to grow spiritually and emotionally transcending the boundaries of language and culture. Whatever your taste is, traditional or contemporary, we invite you to walk into our studio to pick from a wide range of dancing activities in the offering.


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